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Click here for NICK VASEY'S novel ROPPONGI - This will take you back to the high times of Tokyo night life - and life as we knew it back in the late 90's, during the heydays of the K-1. /Fredrik

Message from Fredrik 22nd of September, 2009:
Hey guys! A lot of friends and fighters who visit this site have said that they think I should upgrade it to make it look more up to date and not
"so 2002" - when it was launched. Today, I am retired from professional fighting and personal training, and when the site was created - Facebook and other forums didn't exist or else I probably just would have used one of those instead of creating this site. However, the site always ranks high on Google due to its contents and that is what counts. Keep fighting, never give up and remember what a wise man once said:
"If you're going through hell - keep going." - Winston Churchill 1874-1965