Viking Book Of Survival
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Havamal - Words from the High One

Havamal can be described as a sort of do-it-yourself Viking handbook for survival. Below is presented some extracts from the book.

"Look carefully round doorways before you walk in; you never know when an enemy might be there:"

- "There is no better load a man can carry than much common sense; no worse a load than too much drink."


"Never part with your weapons when out in the fields; you never know when you will need your spear."

- "Be a friend to your friend, match gift with gift; meet smiles with smiles, and lies with dissimulation."

- "No need to give too much to a man, a little can buy much thanks; with half a loaf and a tilted jug I often won me a friend."

- "Confide in one, never in two; confide in three, and the whole world knows."

- "Praise no day until evening, no wife until buried, no sword until tested, no maid until bedded, no ice until crossed, no ale until drunk."

- "The halt can ride, the handless can herd, the deaf can fight with spirit; a blind man is better than a corpse on a pyre - a corpse is no good to anyone."

- "Wealth dies, kinsmen die, a man himself must likewise die; but word fame never dies, for him who achieves it well."